Today I just recieved an email saying my post in the's forum had been deleted.

The author of Sciopathworld claims she is a sociopath and spreads all this "bag guys are winners" philosophy, saying sociopaths get top rank positions in our societies, have a wonderful sexual life, lure, abuse people without feeling any remorse, have no empathy, have no morality, etc...

Given the characteristics of sociopaths (which are close if not equal to psychopaths', see Hare scale), I just carried out a simple thought experiment and asked:

Sociopaths, if you really are what you say you are, what would you do as a German from 1933 to 1943? Wouldn't you be a nazi, eagerly climbing the social ladder?

To this question all these sociopaths-wannabe didn't have much to say, this time that bunch of hypocrits didn't claim to be such efficient social ladder climbers.

But it's common sense to think real sociopaths would be top ranked nazis during the 1933-1943 period in Germany. Of course...