Screenshot_2013_06_17_10_41_26_1Jiddu Krishnamurti was a friend of David Bohm, Ruppert Sheldrake and Aldous Huxley.

He spent his life giving conferences, questionning people on their relationship to the world, on their beliefs, nothing people argued with him was right. His best friends recorded his conferences, his dialogs, and made books out of them. They considered him as the world's Instructor.

Something that should not be forgotten about Krishnamurti, is that he had a love affair with his best friend's wife. More precisely he was hosted for years by his best friend, Rajagopal. As Rajagopal was often on business trip, he would have time to be with Rajagopal's wife, Rosalind.

So, the teaching of Krishnamurti is not limited to what he said, or what he wrote, what he did is also important. On the overall, for most of us, the teaching of Krishnamurti merely says this: beware of your best friend, especially if everybody around you considers him as a saint.


PS: there might be people thinking this love affair is only gossip, bad words spread by Krishnamurti's enemies. This is of no importance, true or false, we should not accept people's word only on their credential, and for public people, who have got a great control over their public image, the most rational thing to do is to give them 0 credit.